Bethel has many ministries to serve our church, our community, and the world. Please feel free to browse through our ministry info, you may be interested in joining our efforts, or we may be able to help you.

Education Ministries

The Ministry Group on Education strives to impart the knowledge and caring of our Church Members in an attempt to augment the learning and growth experience of youth in our community. This ministry frequently holds learning, social development, and just plain fun events for the benefit of youths of all ages in our immediate area.

Subcommittees: Sunday School, Young Adult Sunday School, Adult Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Summer Enrichment Program, Library, Adopt A High School

Click here for our Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy

The Ministry on Higher Education and Campus Ministry seeks to assist our young adults who are transitioning to places of higher learning, and to augment their wishes to stay rooted in the Lord, as well as to minister to others while on campus or off.
The Ministry on Scholarships seeks to provide that all-important financial assistance to young adults who are mentally able to pursue higher education, but may need assistance financially.

Evangelism and Outreach

The Evanglism ministries, seek to serve our community by sharing the Good News of our Lord and Savior. We share his teachings, we share his love and acceptance of our fellow man, we share whatever we have to give to our community, and we share our praise for Him.

Subcommittees: Floral Club, Good Samaritan Ministry, Bereavement

The Ministry Group on Mission seeks to ensure the works of the United Methodist Church are being carried out on a local level by Bethel. This group quietly goes on its way, doing good things for God’s people all over the world.

Subcommittees: Congregational Community Food Ministy

The Advocates for Inclusiveness ministry group seeks to identify and empower members of our community who may have been marginalized or under-represented. We seek to ensure  all of Flint has an outlet for their caring, energy, and concerns.

Subcommittees: Religion and Race, Status and Role of Women, Health and Welfare

The Ministry Group on Stewardship provides guidance and assistance to our Church body, as we are all charged with being stewards for the body of Christ.

Church Services

The Ministry on Worship is charged with with leading our Church body in praise and worship, bringing the Lord closer to us, and us closer to Him, while we all give our thanks and adoration during Church services.

Subcommittees: Lay Speakers, Communion Stewards, Choir Representatives,  Ushers, Greeters/Hospitality, Prayer Ministry, Praise Dancers

Bethel has a number of fine people who seek to ensure a safe and welcoming experience when you come to visit. Trained personnel are on staff to ensure the safety of you and yours.
All churches require people to help spread the news. Our promotional committee aims to spread not only the Gospel, but the daily welcoming of Bethel to anyone we can reach.
We know there are many among us who are unable or unwilling to drive to our church. We offer a van service to bring one and all together when we celebrate the Lord.